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Do you have a question, a worry or maybe you don't have a midwife yet?

Kinderheldin offers you daily midwife consultation. Ask all your questions and get competent advice from 7 am to 10 pm by chat, even on weekends and holidays. We are always happy to help!

You can only get this with KINDERHELDIN.

  • Best availability: Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Unique offer: also available on public holidays!
  • Flexible and safe wherever you are
  • Midwife knowledge on all topics such as pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, nutrition and more.

Only 3 steps to talking to a midwife

Want to talk to a midwife online? Nothing could be easier!

  1. Register with Kinderheldin. You have free access to all services such as the midwife consultation for 7 days.
  2. In your user profile, under "Consultation", select the chat icon.
  3. One of our midwives will get back to you within 15 minutes and answer all your questions.

Enjoy the full Kinderheldin offer.

Try Kinderheldin free for 7 days and you will not only have access to the midwife consultation, but also to 50+ weekly online courses such as birth preparation, postpartum exercise, first aid, pelvic floor training and more.

What questions can I ask the midwives?

With KINDERHELDIN, you can ask any question you want and share any concerns you might have. We understand your concerns and take time for all your questions. Whether during your pregnancy or after the birth, we are happy to help.

Our midwives are happy to answer questions like...

  • What must I not eat during pregnancy? Do I have to eat for 2? Can I drink coffee?

  • When can I feel my baby? What if I can no longer feel the movements?

  • Can I sleep on my stomach?

  • At what point should I start looking for a midwife?

  • Can I still have sex?

  • What do I have to watch out for with pets?

  • Am i allowed to fly on holidays with a baby belly?

  • When will I know if it's a boy or a girl?

  • Can I dye my hair or have my nails done, etc.?

  • What sports can I do? Can I prevent stretch marks?

  • What's the perfect name for my baby?

  • What do I do when I have nausea or heartburn?

  • Why am I so tired?

  • Will I get thick legs because of water retention?

  • How can I prevent back pain?

  • What are the first signs of birth labor?

  • I am constipated all the time. What can I do?

  • How much weight gain is normal/too much?

  • How do I recognise a rupture of the membranes?

  • Can my baby sleep too much?

  • How do I recognise skin changes (baby acne, milia)?

  • Do I need to pay attention to my baby's bowel movements (how often, colour, consistency)?

  • How do I go to the toilet safely with an episiotomy/tears/injuries?

  • Why does my baby cry so much? Do I have a cry baby?

  • When will children finally have a day/night rhythm?

  • How do I dress my baby?

  • How do I know breastfeeding will work? And what if it doesn't work? Do I have breastfeeding problems?

  • How do I wash my baby?

  • What do I do for abdominal pain and flatulence?

  • How do I pump? And how does weaning work?

  • When do I introduce complementary feeding?

  • When can I drink alcohol and coffee again?

  • Holidays with a baby: what is the best way to plan? What should I pay attention to?

We are on duty for you today

We will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions about pregnancy, postpartum period and co.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about your pregnancy, the baby or other concerns, it is always recommended to talk to a midwife to be on the safe side. They can give you competent advice and can assess many situations very well. In medical emergencies, however, always consult a doctor.

Whether you have an on-site midwife or not, you can always use Kinderheldin's services to clarify questions or gain further knowledge through courses.

At Kinderheldin, you can use the midwife consultation every day from 7 am to 10 pm. Just choose the chat icon on the "Sprechstunde"-Tab and our midwives will be there for you within 15 minutes.

All our midwives are qualified and have several years of professional experience. They are all members of the German Midwives Association.

To receive a consultation by a midwife via chat, first register in the members' area. There you will find the selection for booking under "My courses" under the courses offered.

Our midwives take enough time per live chat just for you. Experience shows that the vast majority of requests can be resolved within a few minutes. But don't worry, important and/or urgent enquiries can also take longer. We do not break off the chat in the middle! :)

The individual selection of a specific midwife is not possible at the moment, as this way we cannot ensure to always respond to incoming requests in the shortest possible time. All our midwives provide advice according to the same high standards and quality requirements. However, as we are continuously developing the service, we will check at a later stage whether it is possible and useful to offer this option.

If you book outside our opening hours, which are currently daily between 07:00 and 22:00, you can freely select an appointment within our opening hours. We will then contact you at the desired time. Within our opening hours, you can simply book a consultation when you have time: we will then be there for you in a few minutes.

Our midwives are supposed to be the first point of contact for expectant mothers and parents of babies when it comes to acute and general questions about pregnancy, postpartum and mother-child health. Our aim is to provide (expectant) parents with advice and support. Nevertheless, Kinderheldin is not a substitute for a doctor or an ambulance - in urgent cases, these should of course be consulted directly. Midwives cannot and must not give medical diagnoses and treatments.