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Online course: HypnoBirthing for a mindful and positive birth

Welcome to the world of mindful breathing and an insightful journey to yourself – find strength within yourself and prepare for your birth


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Experience the birth of your dreams

Are you worried about the delivery? This can lead to cramps and trigger fears in yourself. You can counteract this with your own mental powers – and HypnoBirthing shows you how: Learn to start the birth process with calamity and strength. Ground yourself from your inner centre and communicate your individual birth wishes in a self-determined way.

Together we will learn the basics of HypnoBirthing and various breathing techniques such as J-breathing, with which you can actively relax. Feel your body in a new way and intensify the connection to your baby. Positive affirmations help you to release mental blocks and pain and to find more of yourself.

HypnoBirthing exercises also help you to be more grounded and relaxed during pregnancy. Your partner will also be involved: Learn together to adjust to the new family happiness and intensify your bond. Your partner will learn techniques to be there for you in the birth process and to support you as you wish.

HypnoBirthing opens new doors into the world of mindful birth

Trust in your birthing abilities.

  • You will trust your body.
  • You know what you want.
  • You can communicate your feelings and needs.
  • You will strengthen your mental power.

Contents of your online course

In multiple course units spread over eight weeks you will learn the basics of HypnoBirthing. You will learn how anchoring works, how to control your breathing and what happens when the birth process begins.

Note: Your partner is welcome to attend all classes and will be actively involved in some of the exercises to prepare you as a unit for the birth process and to learn how he/she can support you during the birth.

We will start with an introduction to the topic and explain what HypnoBirthing is and which relaxation techniques you can use for the birth.

Today you need: A stocking and an apple

  • Words and their emotional imprint

  • Create imagins in a positive way

  • Anatomy and physiology of the opening phase of birth

  • Why relaxation is so important

  • Introduction to relaxation and facial relaxation

  • Trance: Bonding with your baby

Confidence and security are important during pregnancy and birth.
 Today we will take a journey to explore our body language and practice our breathing

Today you need: Nursing pillow / pillow

  • Read and understand your body

  • Relaxation journey: body scan

  • Wave breathing: first breathing technique for the first phase of birth

  • What is anchoring?

  • How does anchoring work?

  • Partner exercise for relaxation

  • Partner exercise breathing

Find peace within yourself and draw strength. Today is about transforming fears into empowering thoughts and we practice breathing again.

  • Turning fears into affirmations

  • How to intensify my breath

  • Deepening technique

  • J - Breathing: a breathing technique for the second phase of birth

  • Trance: anxiety release

This class is about childbirth and how you can get prepared.

  • Signs of the beginning of childbirth

  • Dealing with birth labor at home and later in the clinic

  • Birth wishes

  • Trance: birth vision

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Meet your course instructor

Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor

Franziska is a loving soul who has made it her job to support women to empower themselves in their bodies. Through her own two pregnancies she discovered HypnoBirthing and other mindfulness techniques.

I took part in a few courses both before and after the birth of my son and I am very glad I did as they educated me on many topics and eased my fears. [...] The midwives are all very caring and were able to answer many of my questions 😊

Alessia D.

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