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prepare yourself for birth * 5.5 hours of informative videos * watch all videos for 1 month as often as you like * all videos are presented by certified midwives * stress-free and easy access

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You don't have access to an english birth preparation class? You want more information on giving birth in Germany? Book you online video course from Kinderheldin now - only 29,95€. No subscription necessary - your access ends automatically after 1 month.


Get expert advice and information about labour and birth
Our certified midwives will guide you through the stages of labour, give a glimpse of what happens right after birth and what to expect in the postnatal period.


Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
Childbirth is a miracle - wonderful and scary at the same time. To help you relax during labour and the final stages of giving birth, our midwives provide a guided meditation, breathing exercises and talk about the "right" mindset for the final stages.

What can you expect?

This course is particularly suitable if you are having your first child and want to prepare yourself for the time with your baby during pregnancy. You will also receive information about how to prepare for the postpartum period, so you can enjoy the first time with your baby well prepared.

In cooperation with midwife practice "Praxis Hebammenzeit" from Berlin, Kinderheldin has developed this birth preparation course for you. In our videos we show you everything about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. So you can prepare yourself, even together with your partner, for the birth and the first time with baby. The course provides plenty of information, lots of practical tips and breathing exercises that you can do regularly at home. A guided meditation and relaxation exercises are also included to help you to prepare yourself for the birth in the best possible way, mentally as well as physically.

In addition to plenty of information about the birth, the practical aspects are very important to us. That is why our midwives show you how the first contractions express themselves and how you can assess and handle them at home. Other practical elements include breathing exercises, birthing positions and how to handle your baby and breastfeeding positions.

Not only the time before birth and the birth itself is dealt with in our course, but also the postpartum period. The videos show you how to create a relaxed postpartum, how to best care for your baby and what role your partner can play.