Your family from A to Z: We are Kinderheldin.

Our family is with us throughout our entire lives. Whether it is our own or the one we create for ourselves. Together we experience beautiful moments, whether they are the first and last ones of a person's life, and many others. Right from the first heartbeat, this makes a strong family bond all the more important.

Since 2017, we at Kinderheldin have been with you and your family, from pregnancy to your child's third year. In order to offer all (expectant) parents access to information, we have created a wide range of classes in collaboration with midwives and experts. There is everything from birth preparation to partner classes, first aid, sports, postpartum exercise, and childcare. With our valuable knowledge, we serve hundreds of women and families every day on our platform and want to do our part to ensure a stable, everyday family life.

The award winner for you and your family

In 2022, Kinderheldin received the MSD Germany Special Care Coordination Award. We are grateful and happy that the care of pregnant women and families has thus achieved a bit more attention. Through online classes and midwife consultations, we are working every day to expand our services and provide everyone with access to knowledge and advice.

This Is How We Work


We do not believe in "embellished facts."
Every pregnancy and family has concerns and questions that need to be earnestly answered and addressed. We are convinced that a realistic picture is the basis for an intimate and stable family life. And that is what we are here for.


We can't know everything - but we can learn something new every day. At Kinderheldin, we embrace the thoughts and ideas of our members and experts to keep providing you and your family with new content. Because just like your child, we grow a little more each day.


Family is personal. That's why we create a safe environment for all of your concerns in each of our classes and midwife consultations. Our midwives and experts are here for you with empathy and understanding. Learn from home and create your own safe space, whenever and however you want it.

Meet Our Midwives and Experts

We are here to support you 100%. With lots of expertise and considerable experience, we guarantee the best content in our classes and that we'll always be ready to listen to your concerns.

Learn more about our experts. 🌼

Sylvia Tiedt

B. Sc., midwife since 1999 Public Health and Administration, mom of 1

About me

I have been a midwife since 1999 and have worked in obstetrics as well as prenatal and postpartum care, both in Germany and Norway. I moved back to Germany at the end of 2017 and have been freelancing and working for Kinderheldin ever since.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

I find it exciting to build something new and to be able to apply my experience. I particularly like the fact that I can also work at Kinderheldin no matter where I'm located. This goes for both Brandenburg and Norway.

Since I am a mother of a son myself, it makes it a lot easier for me to balance my work and private life. I appreciate that very much. I also really enjoy exchanging ideas as part of a team, something I often missed as a freelance midwife.

Vivian Fassbender

Midwife since 2017

About me

After graduating from high school, I actually wanted to study medicine.
This changed during my midwifery training and I found myself liking the physiology of obstetrics.
After I graduated in Mainz in 2017, I worked for a while at the university hospital in Cologne and was also freelancing in prenatal care and postpartum care.
I then spent the last two years working in Bali and Australia.
I've been back since spring of this year and am now working in a small clinic near Bonn.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

Studies show that pregnancies and births are less risky when a midwife is involved. However, the midwifery situation in Germany does not allow all women to get help from a midwife.

Digitalization enables us to reach women who have not found a midwife. With Kinderheldin, we have the opportunity to care for expectant and new moms and support them with their questions.

Judith Herrmann

Midwife since 2010 & medical assistant, mom of 3

About me

I have been working as a freelance midwife since 2010. After working for a while in the birth center, I have been working in the field of pre- and postnatal care, including classes, since 2012.
My focus is on helping with health issues and postpartum care. I have attended various advanced training courses, such as homeopathy, k-taping, etc.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

Especially in this day and age, I think it's great to be able to care for women, regardless of location. This way women and families have the security of being able to get professional support quickly and directly whenever they have a question or concern.

This can be quite calming during the turbulent time of pregnancy and the months that follow.

Jasmin Treiber-Meier

Midwife since 2007, teaching midwife and school principal, mom of 2

About me

After my midwifery exam in 2007, I worked for 4 years as a hospital-affiliated midwife in a delivery room in Middle Franconia. During this time, I also worked in a midwifery practice providing prenatal and postpartum care.
In 2011, I opened a birth center with a colleague. We took care of the families from the moment pregnancy was detected, provided prenatal care, birth center and home birth assistance, postpartum care, and gave classes.
Then in 2016, I was able to take on the role of head teaching midwife at a school of midwifery in order to help address the lack of care that families receive. In 2019, this undertaking was complemented by work at Kinderheldin.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

Many women are currently unable to find care. My work at Kinderheldin does not replace on-site midwifery work, but I can be a contact person for these women and support them online if there are any uncertainties.

I find the integration of new media into our otherwise very traditional profession very important and interesting.

This development will also become an important component for us midwives and I would like to be active in expanding these new possibilities.

Maxine Lehmann

Midwife since 2013, owner of a midwifery practice, mom of a 2-year-old son.

About me

After completing my training, I first assisted women in home birth as a freelance midwife in Frankfurt am Main. Then I opened my own practice five years ago.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

By working at Kinderheldin, I am expanding my reach. I can also become approachable to women and families who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to obtain a midwife in the usual way right now.

My offering is thus becoming more flexible and it is even easier for me to combine my family and my career. That's why at Kinderheldin I'm happy to combine my practice's traditional midwifery work with the possibilities of telemedicine.

Roxy Jahn

Midwife since 2014

About me

After graduating from high school, I initially decided to study social pedagogy, but I later gave this up so that I could train as a midwife. Since I graduated in Bonn in 2014, I've been working a freelance midwife who cares for families during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Why do you work at Kinderheldin?

The world is changing and part of midwifery will also change in the future. I don't want to be left behind and I'm glad that I can be a part of the future right now.

Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board is always available to answer your questions on medical or psychology-related topics. Working closely together, we consult each other on new content and continue to educate ourselves on various topics.

Dr. Andreas Wilhelm

Pediatric specialist and entrepreneur

Sora Enders-Comberg, M.D.

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, momma of 2

Melanie Eckert

Psychologist and entrepreneur

Our Co-op Partners

To provide you and your family with the best care and support, we partner with more than 60 health insurance providers, employers, and clinics.