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Open Positions

We are always looking for class leaders for our online classes! Do you already offer classes for pregnant women and young families? Whether it's on bonding, sleep, or exercise during/post-pregnancy, we're always open to new things! The Kinderheldin team supports you as a freelancer in reaching out to pregnant women and families online and in filling your classes with participants.

You can find more information here.

Get to know the Kinderheldin team

Our team consists of experienced midwives and experts.

Judith Herrmann

Midwife since 2010
Medical assistant
Mum of 3 by heart

Maxine Lehmann

Owner of a midwifery practice

Jasmin Treiber-Meier

Teaching midwife and head teacher

Christine Keller

Midwife since 1994
Practice instructor in the delivery room

Mandy Wüscher

K-Taping® therapist
Pelvic floor trainer

Sabine Böttcher-Jensen

Hebamme seit 1987
Akupunktur, Kinesiotapetherapie, Cranio-Sacral-Therapie, Bioresonaztherapie

Anna Tappert

Certified sleep consultant

Rebekka Prümm

Anthroposophical midwife (VfaH)
Baby massage & cloth diaper consultant
K-Taping® therapist
Specialist for baby-led complementary feeding

Annette Wiefel

Mum of 3
2-times grandma