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Prepare yourself safely and confidently for your birth. Online, flexible, and with experienced midwives.

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25th week of pregnancy

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The best birth preparation course for you.

Your pregnancy is a magical time full of emotions and new moments. You are also about to experience one of the most exciting events of your life: giving birth. In a birth preparation course you will learn everything about your body, pregnancy and birth. In combination with strengthening exercises, our midwives will give you security and confidence.

At Kinderheldin we focus holistically on your birth process and support you every step of the way. You and your well-being are always our top priority! Learn in an environment where you are guaranteed to feel comfortable and benefit from the experience of our midwives.

Your partner is welcome to join you during the birth preparation course. We look forward to seeing you!

Look forward to a birth preparation course that suits you perfectly and ...

... feel strong and comfortable in your mummy-to-be body!

... awaken your inner supermom through exciting knowledge and security!

... connect with your baby and strengthen your emotional bond!

Contents of your birth preparation course

Design your birth preparation as you need it. Midwife Maxine has divided her live classes into different modules so that you can take part in the complete course or refresh your knowledge at any time.

Our birth preparation class with midwife Maxine takes place once a week. If you`re unable to attend one of the sessions, you are welcome to do your exercises on another day by simply using the recordings. You will also be given instructions on how to practice on your own at home.

Dates: Tuesday 12:00 1m - 01:00 pm (CET)

The first module is all about prenatal care and discomfort during pregnancy. Maxine also explains all about nutrition in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

In this module Maxine will explain everything about the anatomy of you and your child. Additionally she shows you pelvic floor exercises to help preventing birth injuries.

We will focus on the last stage of labour: midwife Maxine shows you some positions for your birth and you will practice breathing techniques. You also learn all about a natural way to handle labour pains.

You will repeat the breathing and relaxing exercises with Maxine. In addition she gives you information about caesarean section and pain relief during birth.

What happens during the first hours after giving birth? We'll teach you all about cord clamping, bonding with your baby and more! We also focus on breastfeeding, the postnatal period, and talk about the newborn.

This is what your online course with Kinderheldin looks like

Your advantages with Kinderheldin

No waiting time: Start immediately, join courses at any time, guaranteed participation

Flexible & safe: participate relaxed from home, course recordings are available for 7 days

Experienced midwives: many years of experience & unique tips from our midwives

Family network: Get to know other pregnant women & young families!

Meet your midwife

Midwife Maxine

Maxine Lehmann has been a midwife since 2013 and is a loving mother herself. After her training, she first accompanied women in births at home as a freelance midwife and then opened her own midwifery practice.

At Kinderheldin, Maxine is a real powerhouse: in addition to the weekly postnatal and birth preparation classes, she also runs the pregnancy fitness and postnatal sports classes.

The courses are easy to book, and the quality is the best! If you can't make it, you can watch the recording or replay it. Both the live and the video courses are really valuable.💕

Melanie F.

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Frequently asked questions

You can start your birth preparation with midwife Vivian at your 25th week of pregnancy.

With Kinderheldin you take part in the live classes via Zoom. Our midwive Vivian will show you everything, while you can chat with other pregnant women at the same time. There is plenty of time for questions during each class. If you are unable to attend, the course recording will be sent to you afterwards and you remain flexible.

Midwife Maxine has created a birth preparation course for you and is looking forward to meeting you.

Yes, our midwife will be happy to answer all your questions about pregnancy, giving birth and co.

A birth preparation course is not compulsory in Germany. Nevertheless, it is recommended: In the course you learn the most important things about your pregnancy, the birth process and the postpartum period. You can ask all your questions and get all the information you need. This way you can start the birth more confidently.

Any questions?

We are happy to help: Whether you have questions or need help booking a course - our service is at your disposal.

Feel free to contact us at with an appointment request.