Online class: postnatal exercise course with Kinderheldin

Start now with your postnatal training after giving birth: strengthen your body, pelvic floor, and mind. Get fit and regain stability within your core for the new everyday life with your baby.

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Live course via Zoom


8 weeks




4 course units in 8 weeks (course entry possible at any time)

Suitable from

6 weeks post partum

You need

Active Kinderheldin membership, sportswear

Strengthen your body and recover at your own pace

The time after childbirth, whether natural birth or caesarean section, is certainly exciting and full of new experiences for all of us. You probably have noticed that your body is changing again. After all, during pregnancy your body was working at its peak, putting a lot of strain on your pelvic floor, among other things. With the right postnatal exercises you can strengthen your muscles and thus support your body in the long term. Complaints such as incontinence can also be tackled or reduced in this way.

We at Kinderheldin have created the ideal postnatal training class for you, to make you feel good about yourself! Together with midwife Maxine, you will train your whole body with gentle exercises. We focus especially on your pelvic floor and abdomen. You can incorporate these exercises into your daily routine at any time. Easy and flexible.

We`re looking forward to seeing you!

Postnatal care that perfectly suits you and your needs

  • Comprehensive exercises for your fitness and health
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor in case of problems like incontinence
  • Train with us online from wherever you want to

Let's train together!

That's what your postnatal exercises looks like

Start your laptop and off you go: Midwife Maxine gives you maximum flexibility with her online class! Our postnatal course is divided into modules to focus on your different muscles. Don't you worry, we give you instructions on how to do the exercises correctly. And always keep in mind: your body - your own pace!

Our postnatal class with midwife Maxine takes place once a week. If you`re unable to attend one of the sessions, you are welcome to do your exercises on another day by simply using the recordings. You will also be given instructions on how to practice on your own at home.


Thurs., 12:15 pm - 01:15 pm (CET)

Also suitable for mothers with caesarean section.

Our postnatal class is not a sports class where you work yourself to the limit. The exercises gently activate and strengthen the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles so that you can regain lasting stability and free yourself from pain.

You don't need any other materials. However, a sports or yoga mat is an advantage.

You will learn from midwife Maxine how to correctly perform the exercises that strengthen your muscles at your own pace. This part is divided into 4 blocks. Each of these blocks contains 3 exercises and will be repeated twice.

At the very beginning, you will also learn about the so-called basic tension, which is particularly important for regression. You will also learn what rectus diastasis is and what it has to do with your posture.

At the end of each training session we stretch the muscles and perform simple yoga exercises. This loosens tensions and gives the exercises a calm ending. Then you can go about your daily life in a more relaxed way.

This is what your online course with Kinderheldin looks like

Your advantages with Kinderheldin

No waiting time: Start immediately, join courses at any time, guaranteed participation

Flexible & safe: participate relaxed from home, course recordings are available for 7 days

Experienced midwives: many years of experience & unique tips from our midwives

Family network: Get to know other pregnant women & young families!

Meet your midwife

Midwife Maxine

Maxine Lehmann has been a midwife since 2013 and is a loving mother herself. After her training, she first accompanied women in births at home as a freelance midwife and then opened her own midwifery practice.

At Kinderheldin, Maxine is a real powerhouse: in addition to the weekly postnatal and birth preparation classes, she also runs the pregnancy fitness and postnatal sports classes.

The courses are really excellent and all midwifes super nice and knowledgeable. There are many different exercise courses for birth preparation and post natal, mobility and functionality, and all of them are excellent.

Also the courses around children like first aid course and healthy feet were absolutely fantastic.


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  2. In your user profile, select that you would like to speak with a midwife beneath the "Consultation" category: via chat.
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Frequently asked questions

Although it is not compulsory in Germany to attend a postnatal class, it is definitely recommended. The changes in your body during pregnancy and birth have put a lot of strain on your body. In order to strengthen your body again, especially the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and to get it back into shape, a postnatal class is important.

You should start your regression about 6 to 8 weeks after birth. If you had a caesarean section, you should only start 12 weeks post partum.

Sure. Again, listen to your body. You can complement your back formation with other exercises, walks or even yoga. At Kinderheldin you will find suitable courses for your well-being.

For most exercises, you only need yourself and a sports or yoga mat. If other materials are needed, our midwife will let you know in advance.

Postnatal exercise classes with Kinderheldin are as flexible as you need them to be. Join our live classes via Zoom or watch the recordings whenever you want. Midwife Maxine will show you exercises for your body and answer all your questions.

Midwife Maxine has created a postnatal courses with training sessions for you.

Yes, our midwife will be happy to answer all your questions about pregnancy, giving birth and co.

Kinderheldin's postnatal classes are also suitable for women who have had a caesarean section. Make sure not to start too early. Reconstruction is recommended from about 12 weeks after giving birth.

Good postnatal care can help you strengthen your muscles. This includes reducing the rectus diastasis. We give you some easy exercises to help you do this.

Any questions?

We are happy to help: Whether you have questions or need help booking a course - our service is at your disposal.

Feel free to contact us at with an appointment request.

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