Online course: Dunstan baby language

Learn to assess your baby's signals & respond more quickly to needs through attentive listening.

Course contents

Module 1

Introduction to Dunstan baby sounds

It is often not easy for parents to interpret their baby's crying. Is he hungry or tired? Is it burping or a tummy ache? From birth, babies use five sounds BEFORE crying to signal their needs. These sounds are based on physical reflexes and are a universal language of all newborns worldwide - regardless of mother tongue, nationality and culture.

In the introductory session you will learn all about the basics of Dunstan baby sounds:

  • Infant Communication
  • History & Research
  • A new approach to crying
  • Advantages of Dunstan baby talk
  • What does crying mean?

Module 2

Combination of sounds, questions & answers

In the second lesson, we will look at two more of your baby's sounds and learn to understand them. There is also a section where we continue to work with your baby:

  • The baby-led routine
  • Communication in the baby diary
  • Combination of sounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dunstan Baby Talk programme focuses on your baby's communication and explores infant signals. Parents learn to recognise the baby's crying, gurgling and other sounds and thus respond to the needs.

Your baby makes different sounds to announce needs or to get attention.
Among others, there are the following sounds:

  • Contact sound

  • Sleep sound

  • Drinking sound

  • The sound of comfort

  • Displeasure sound

The principle of Dunstan Baby Talk is aimed at all parents who want to communicate more attentively with their child. Through attentive listening and observation, needs can be recognised more quickly. Parents not only build a more intensive bond with their baby, but also learn to be more attentive.

From just under two months, parents hear a kind of cooing from their baby. These are so-called vocal exercises. The baby begins to make sounds and train its voice.

Yes, every online live course is available for you for 7 days after the course date. So you can catch up on the course content at any time and learn at your own pace.

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