Online course: Functional training after postnatal period

Start sustainable with sport after birth & close the rectus diastasis

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For a stronger back, abdomen & pelvic floor

After the postpartum period, there is often a strong desire to get your body back into shape, build up more stamina and strengthen your muscles. In addition to the classic back training, Functional Training also offers you - a training that focuses on holistic movements instead of just strengthening individual muscles. Become more flexible with simple but effective exercises, for example to be able to carry your baby longer or to maintain a back-friendly posture while breastfeeding.

Functional Training will ...

... strengthen you holistically and make you more flexible
... help you achieve good back posture
... strengthen your pelvic floor
... close the rectus diastasis
... and, if you want, help you lose weight.

Can't attend?

The course recordings are available for you for 7 days.


Live course via Zoom (can be booked individually)






Recordings available for 7 days

Suitable from

After completing the postnatal course

You need

Active Kinderheldin membership, sports mat, sporty clothes

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physiotherapist since 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Functional training focuses on movement quality and flexibility to prevent possible injuries and discomfort. You train movements that work several muscle groups at the same time.

You can train several times a week, but don't worry: once is enough! After all, we use several muscle groups in our training.

It's best to wear comfortable clothes and exercise on a mat. Make sure you have a water handy.

Physiotherapist Theresa has created a functional training for you after pregnancy. Every week we train together online.

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Yes, every online live course is available for you for 7 days after the course date. So you can catch up on the course content at any time and learn at your own pace.

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