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Online course: Postnatal yoga

Do something good for yourself and your body with yoga after birth

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Course contents

Module 1

Your core

The course helps you to gradually strengthen your midline and to build up the muscles in your body's centre in the long term through gentle exercises.

The nice side effect is that postnatal yoga also tightens your skin and you will feel stronger and agiler.

After just a few yoga classes, your own body feeling will change noticeably - no matter what fitness level you are at.

Module 2

Your pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor did an incredible job during your pregnancy and birth. Now it's time to stabilise your pelvic floor again through targeted training and breathing techniques, and to prevent possible complaints such as incontinence.

The combination of breathing and strength is crucial and will help your pelvic floor regain its former strength.

Module 3

Your body tension

After just a few lessons, you will notice how your body awareness slowly changes and you build up strength again. You become more flexible and lighter in your movements.

The yoga figures help you to feel your body better again and prevent pain or tension throughout your body.

Your neck and back are also strengthened, which is particularly important in this phase, as your baby wants to be carried a lot.

Module 4

Your mind

Little sleep and full attention for your baby, most mamas quickly forget about their own well-being. But a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

In our yoga course you will learn many exercises for relaxation and mindfulness in order to find your balance in the stressful everyday life of a mum and to be mentally balanced.

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Recordings available for 7 days

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12 weeks after birth & completed postnatal regression course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Während der Schwangerschaft und Geburt hat dein Körper Großes geleistet. Da hast du dir definitiv etwas Ruhe verdient. Yoga nach der Geburt hilft deinem Körper dabei, zu regenerieren und neue Stärke zu finden. Auch mental kann Yoga Stress lindern und dir neue Anker für den Alltag geben. Auch kannst du so aktiv Beschwerden wie Verspannungen und die Rektusdiastase angehen. Atme durch und freue dich auf Entspannungseinheiten. Wir vereinen klassisches Yoga mit Übungen, die deinen Beckenboden und die Körpermitte stärken.

Mit unserer Yogalehrerin Magalie wirst du sicher durch alle Übungen geführt und lernst dabei im Handumdrehen dich und deine Körperdynamiken besser kennen. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Yoga after pregnancy mobilises you with gentle exercises and helps you to strengthen your muscles. In this way you support your postnatal period.

You can start yoga during postpartum or afterwards to keep your body fit. We recommend starting around 12 weeks after birth, but listen to your body.

Comfortable clothing such as leggings and a loose top and a yoga mat are optimal for relaxing yoga.

Yoga teacher Tina is an expert at Kinderheldin and leads various yoga courses.

If you have any questions about your pregnancy, birth and time with your baby, you can contact our midwives every day during consultation hours. You also have the opportunity to ask questions during courses. We are happy to be there for you.

Yes, every online live course is available for you for 7 days after the course date. So you can catch up on the course content at any time and learn at your own pace.

With Kinderheldin membership you get unlimited access to all live courses, video courses, communities, and your own personal midwife consultation. It offers you a complete package for the duration of your pregnancy and your child's babyhood. Our live and video classes guide you through your entire pregnancy, optimally prepare you for birth and the postpartum period, and support you and your baby during his or her first months of life.

Our personal midwife consultation will help you with all your urgent problems and questions. In our communities you have the opportunity to interact with others and make new friends.

Here you can find the complete overview of our courses.

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