Online course: Meditation after pregnancy

Look forward to quiet downtime & relaxation with a postpartum meditation for the time after birth.

Course contents

You have earned a break.
In this class you don't have to do anything - just be. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, we will take you away into a quiet world.

Meditations can work wonders:

  • Go into your everyday life more relaxed and face possible problems with new strength.
  • Find peace of mind and look forward to restful sleep
  • Reduce stress and find new energy
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Get in tune with your emotions and pass this empathy on to your baby
  • Feel good about yourself and your body

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The course recordings are available for you for 7 days.

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Recordings available for 7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meditations help you to enjoy the postpartum period and the first time with your baby. Find peace and become more mindful - this also helps against worries and stress. With your baby on your chest, you both get something out of it!

Meditations can strengthen the bond with your baby.
Did you know that? Because when you find yourself in peace and concentrate on your breathing, you also have more energy to feel your baby in your belly. By being with yourself, you can relieve stress and tension and overcome fears in the long term.

Every expectant mother has thoughts and worries, that is quite normal. What if the birth doesn't go as planned? What if you are not prepared well enough? With our meditations you learn to simply let go of these thoughts and find new self-worth within yourself. Because everything you need to become the best mother for your child is already inside you.

We will guide you through gentle meditations so that you can completely let go. Let go of all the responsibilities and thoughts and pay attention only to yourself. Doula and yoga teacher Tina is there for you in the course. She is not only very familiar with our little ones, but also knows about the thoughts of expectant mothers and the bond with your own baby. You are in good hands here.

Yes, at Kinderheldin you will find a variety of meditations that will anchor you in your everyday life as a mum and bring you serenity. Reduce stress in the long term and allow yourself small breaks. That way you can carry on strengthened!

During a meditation, you can lay your baby on top of you or cuddle him. He will then hear your calm heartbeat and feel your warmth. This connects you very intensively once again. Enjoy the time together!

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