Wir begleiten dich entspannt durch die Schwangerschaft und Babyzeit

In Kooperation mit deinem Arbeitgeber bietet Kinderheldin die tägliche Hebammenberatung via Chat und Telefon an. Starte jetzt kostenlos!

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Jede Schwangerschaft und jedes Baby ist einzigartig!

Our team consists of experienced midwives

Many of us are mothers ourselves. Together we have over 100 years of professional experience and have accompanied many thousands of families and babies.

Hebamme Judith

Midwife since 2010
Midwifery team management
Medical assistant
Mum of 3 by heart

Hebamme Maxine

Owner of a midwifery practice

Hebamme Jasmin

Teaching midwife and head teacher

Hebamme Christine

Midwife since 1994
Practice instructor in the delivery room

Hebamme Mandy

K-Taping® therapist
Pelvic floor trainer

Hebamme Sabine

Hebamme seit 1987
Akupunktur, Kinesiotapetherapie, Cranio-Sacral-Therapie, Bioresonaztherapie

Hebamme Anna

Certified sleep consultant

Hebamme Rebekka

Anthroposophical midwife (VfaH)
Baby massage & cloth diaper consultant
K-Taping® therapist
Specialist for baby-led complementary feeding

Hebamme Annette

Mum of 3
2-times grandma

Hebamme Martina

Midwife since 1999
Baby massage
Nutritional counseling

Hebamme Sophie

Midwife since 2013
Certified pelvic floor instructor
Mum of 3 children