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Home visits during your postpartum period

Kinderheldin offers on-site postnatal care in selected postal code regions exclusively for TK-insured.

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How it works

On-site support
As soon as your baby is born, we will arrange appointments with you for home visits by our midwives.

Digital consultation
Outside of home visits, you can get advice from our midwives every day in our consultation hours via telephone or chat - even during pregnancy.

Cost coverage by TK
TK will cover the costs of midwife care for you. You don't have to worry about anything else!

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What you need to know

The hybrid midwife care service includes home visits by a registered midwife during the postpartum period and the option of receiving advice from midwives via chat or telephone at any time during the term. Detailed information is available on the TK website.

The service is aimed at people insured with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) who have had a baby or are pregnant, have not found a midwife to care for them in the postpartum period and live in the area where the service is provided.

The fact that many questions and issues can also be clarified via chat or telephone means that our midwives can work efficiently hand in hand. In this way, we can offer as many women as possible who have not found a midwife security and professional care in the first weeks and months after the birth.

TK will either cover the costs for the hybrid care service or for midwifery services provided by a freelance midwife. If you already have a midwife looking after you in the postpartum period, you cannot take advantage of this offer, as otherwise your midwife's bills may not be paid by TK.

First, use the postal code search to check whether you are in our service area. If so, you can register with us using our registration form and we will receive all the necessary information from you. After registering, you will receive contact details that will be used to schedule your home visits. You will also receive a link from us to register with TK for participation in the hybrid midwifery care program - this is important so that TK will cover the costs.

If you live in our childcare area and have successfully registered, you will contact us as soon as your baby is born. If there is availability, we will arrange appointments to visit you. At the agreed time, one of our midwives will come to your home and you will have enough time to talk and clarify important questions. She will also check on your physical well-being after the birth and monitor your baby's development, for example.

In short: lots of them! Kinderheldin has been supporting women and new families via chat and telephone for many years. Numerous questions and problems can be easily clarified in this way. You will feel that you are in good hands with all Kinderheldin midwives - whether in person or digitally.

Our midwives will visit you during the postpartum period - i.e. up to 12 weeks after the birth. The midwives will decide with you how many visits are necessary and sensible. During your pregnancy and up to 9 months after the birth, you can also use Kinderheldin's digital advice service via chat or by phone - as often as you like.

Our midwives speak German and English and can advise you competently.

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