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You are important to us. And that's exactly why we have joined forces and combined our knowledge & care to make it available to you. As a leading course platform around pregnancy, baby and toddlerhood, we offer you a variety of online courses to prepare you for your everyday family life and provide support: with knowledge, empathy and a lot of good tips.

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Everything you need is already inside you. And we show you the way. Learn everything you need for a safe everyday family life in our courses such as Birth Preparation, Baby & Toddler 1x1 and First Aid.

All our course instructors are experts in their fields. Whether midwives with special training, psychologists, educators and so on - on our platform we link the best in their fields with each other. This way, we guarantee you the best expertise and valuable contact points for all your concerns.

We look forward to seeing you in the online courses!

PS: We are always working on new courses and revising existing content, so you can always look forward to the latest knowledge. 💕

Hi, my name is Judith! As a midwife I have many years of experience - also through my own three pregnancies. đŸ€±

In addition to my classes such as Birth Preparation, Bottle Basics, Postnatal Exercise and Childproofing your Home, I am also available to answer any questions you may have during your daily consultation. Hope to see you soon!

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We are available for you in the daily midwife consultation hours

Creating a new life is a miracle, as is everyday life with the little one. It is quite normal that questions or worries arise. In order for you to feel safe and secure at all times, we have set up a daily midwife consultation for you. You can talk to our experienced midwives via chat or telephone, even on holidays and weekends!

Very personal. Just for you.

Hi, I am midwife Maxine! In my own midwifery practice and as a mom I have already witnessed a lot and gained lots of experience.

In addition to my Postnatal and Sports Classes, I am also there for you during the daily midwife consultation. You can ask me all your questions, I am always happy to hear from you. ✹

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