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Online course: baby sleep coaching for parents

Understand you child's needs and learn how to implement a healthy and effective sleep plan for your baby with the best advice for parents - four week program


Live course via Zoom


4 course units in 8 weeks (course entry possible at any time)




Recordings available for 7 days

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6 months up to 2.5 years

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Learn how to sleep coach your baby.

With this 4-week program, you'll learn all about your baby's sleep and navigate through all the different stages from 6 months up to 2.5 years. Say goodbye to sleepless nights or holding your baby for hours. We teach you how to pay attention your baby's signs of tiredness, possible reasons for wake-ups, and find the best timing for your family to build a lasting routine. This can lead to an even stronger relationship with your baby.

Even tough this course is designed for babies from 6 months to 2.5 years, you'll get a lot of information that you can benefit from even in the first few weeks or months that your baby is born.

Katja, our certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, will guide you through this online course and answer all your questions. We look forward to seeing you!

This online class is perfect for you if you ...

... want to understand your baby's needs even more when it comes to sleep.

... set-up the best sleep environment for your child.

... want to keep calm as a sleep deprived parent.

... have specific questions and need an expert advice.

Contents of your baby sleep coaching

Our certified Gentle Sleep Coach® Katja has divided her live classes into four modules. It's benefitial to watch all the modules in a row, but you can also watch them individually if you missed the class the week before. You can ask your questions at any time!

Our sleep coaching course with Katja takes place once a week. If you`re unable to attend one of the sessions, you are welcome to use our recordings.

Dates: Tuesday 09:30 am – 10:30 am (CET)

There will be a Q&A part at the end of each lesson.

Goal: Understanding your baby's sleep

The first lesson will be all about the baby sleep basics. We will go through why babies might have trouble falling asleep, possible reasons for wake-ups, and how to keep calm as a sleep deprived parent.

Goal: Understanding what you can or cannot control around your baby's sleep

You'll learn how to set-up the best sleep environment, detect signs of tiredness, find the best timing and have a solid schedule.

Goal: Understanding what a sleep crutch is

Together we take a deeper look at negative sleep association aka sleep crutch and how to eliminate them.

Goal: Evaluate your own situation.

Set your individual sleep goals and create a plan you can follow to improve your unique sleep situation with your family.

This is what your online course with Kinderheldin looks like

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Flexible & safe: participate relaxed from home, course recordings are available for 7 days

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Family network: Get to know other pregnant women & young families!

Meet your course instructor

Gentle Sleep Coach Katja

Katja Kügler is not only a certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, but also a loving mother herself. She knows from own experience what "sleep deprivation" means and wants to help other families. She knows that a child's sleep is not a „one fits all method", but that every family and situation is unique and requires an individual approach.

At Kinderheldin, Katja is the expert when it comes to baby sleep. She's happy to see you in her new online class "Baby sleep coaching".

Understanding that a baby's sleep schedule is different has helped me to take action. We now have a better understanding and have come up with a new routine that we can implement every day.


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Frequently asked questions

A good sleep routine and environment can work wonders for your baby. Learn all about how your baby can learn to fall asleep independently and to self sooth during the night.

Newborns sleep for a very long time: about 14 to 17 hours. After the first few months, the sleep duration decreases to 12 to 15 hours.

This depends on your family schedule and your childs bio rhythm and need for sleep. In the first 3 months bedtime usually is somewhere between 7pm - 10pm, at 6 months it is somewhere between 6.30pm - 8pm.

Statistics show that babies from 0 - 3 months sleep between 14 - 17 hours (day night sleep). 4 months and older this time decreases to 12 - 15 hours. Every baby is different, some need more and some need less sleep. That is normal too.

Katja Kügler is our Gentle Sleep Coach at Kinderheldin.

Yes, every online live class is available for you for to watch on demand 7 days after the course date. So you can catch up on the course content at any time and learn at your own pace.

Any questions?

We are happy to help: Whether you have questions or need help booking a course - our service is at your disposal.

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