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Online course: First Aid for Babies & Toddlers

In an emergency, there is often no time to lose: Learn what you can do for your child until the emergency services arrive.


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First aid for every situation: how to help your baby and toddler

Emergencies lurk everywhere. Even if we do everything possible to avoid it, something can go wrong even in the safest home. And then every second counts. But don't worry, nurse and BG-certified first aid instructor Tara Rödel prepares you for emergency situations in her online first aid course - with a lot of experience and empathy. Because your safety is the most important thing.

How do I deal with head injuries? What do I do if my baby swallows? And how does resuscitation of a baby differ from that of a child? Together with your partner, learn about the most important dangerous situations and sources and how you can best help your child. Feel more confident in your family interactions.

These and more emergency situations are covered in the course:

  • Fever
  • Swallowing and choking
  • Unconsciousness and fainting
  • Circulatory arrest and resuscitation measures
  • Nocturnal respiratory distress / pseudocroup
  • First aid for bloody injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Fall injuries to the head
  • Burns and scalds
  • Poisoning accidents

Contents of your online course

In this course you can participate in preparation for your baby as well as after the birth and deepen your knowledge again and again. Tara will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note: You do not have to be parents to take part in this course. First Aid is everyone's business, whether it's your aunt, grandma or friends. Everyone is welcome!

  • General information on emergency situations for babies and children: How does it differ from the situation for adults and children?

  • Important emergency numbers

  • Unconsciousness and fainting in children: How can I recognise and distinguish it? What is dangerous about it? What should I do?

  • Recognising circulatory arrest in children: Resuscitation measures on the child

  • Swallowing or choking on a child: What objects and situations can be dangerous?

  • Nocturnal respiratory distress / pseudocroup: How can I recognise it and what can I do?

  • First aid for bloody injuries: Head laceration, bite wounds and arterial bleeding

  • Bone fractures in children

  • Head injuries: How much can a head actually withstand? What symptoms should we look out for?

  • Burns and scalds in children: Recognising sources of danger

  • Poisoning accidents in children: Dangers in the home and the right thing to do

  • Dealing with fever and febrile convulsions

This is what your online course with Kinderheldin looks like

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Experienced midwives: many years of experience & unique tips from our midwives

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Your course instructor: Nurse Tara

Tara Rödel has worked for many years as an experienced nurse in an emergency room and is a BG-certified first aid instructor. She also gives various parent-child courses and likes to incorporate her own experiences as a mother of three. Empathy is definitely not a foreign word!

The offer from Kinderheldin is just great. We recently had our first baby and had many concerns and questions. Now we feel way more secure and simply at ease. Thank you! 💕

Mira B.

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First aid for babies & toddlers

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can take part in the Kinderheldin first aid course. Whether you are still pregnant or have already given birth is irrelevant. We also invite partners and other family members to the course - because safety concerns us all.

Kinderheldin is a learning and counselling platform. In our courses you will learn a lot about dealing with emergencies, but in case of accidents and the like you should urgently contact a doctor or dial the emergency number.

If you have questions about prevention and the like, you can ask them in our live courses or the midwife consultation.

Both the live course and the video course on first aid are led by nurse Tara Rödel.

Yes, our midwife will be happy to answer all your questions about pregnancy, giving birth and co.

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