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Online course: Pregnancy Yoga

Strengthen your body during pregnancy - prenatal yoga helps you find peace and experience a powerful birth


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Yoga for two: create a safe space for you and your baby

Did you know that yoga during pregnancy can help you prepare for the upcoming birth of your baby? The combination of asanas and meditation creates a safe environment for you and strengthens your body. Prenatal yoga helps you to relax and let go of fears - you are practising important self-care! You not only recharge your batteries mentally, but also find a way to ground yourself in stressful everyday life.

Benefits of prenatal yoga

  1. find inner peace in stressful times
  2. intensify your relationship with your baby
  3. strengthen your back, thighs and pelvic floor muscles
  4. prepare your body for birth
  5. calm your nervous system
  6. practice breathing techniques for childbirth

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Let yourself be carried away into a world of relaxation and tranquillity. Take time out from your stressful everyday life and recharge your batteries with new strength, courage and confidence.

Yoga makes you feel safe and strong - an important part of your mental birth preparation.

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