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Online course: Solid food & healthy eating

Learn how to introduce solids in a gentle and healthy way and decrease picky eating from the start


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Everything your baby needs for a healthy and happy belly

Starting solids isn't always the easiest. But don't worry, we understand your struggles and support you on your way. This course will teach you how to spot when your baby is ready for and takes interest in solids. We share our techniques and tools für mealtime success with your family. The best part is: We not only show you everything there is to know about feeding your baby, but also teach you how to raise an intuitive eater and how to decrease picky eating from the start.

Let's cover the basics together!

  1. When can I start introducing my baby solids?
  2. What can I feed my baby?
  3. Are there foods to avoid?
  4. What about allergies?
  5. purees vs. baby led weaning
  6. safety while eating (e. g. choking vs. gagging)

Feel free to ask questions any time during this online class!

Contents of your online course

Our Solid food course with Maggie takes place once a month. If you`re unable to attend one of the sessions, you are welcome to use our recordings.

Dates: Monday 01:00 pm - 02:30 pm (CET)

Join this class for up-to-date information on introducing solid food to your infant:

  • Signs of readiness for solid food

  • Infant food introduction in stages with relation to textures and variety

  • What to look out for when feeding your baby

  • Meal and food ideas for babies

  • Frequently asked questions about feeding babies

  • Resources

Feel free to ask all of your questions in this online class - we're happy to answer.

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Meet your course instructor

Lactation Consultant Maggie

Maggie is not only an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, but also a Registered Dietitian. She has over 20 years of experience helping families reach their infant feeding goals. It's her goal to provide families with the confidence and tools they need for success with breastfeeding.

At Kinderheldin Maggie is a course instructor for the very popular online classes Breastfeeding and Solid food.

The courses are easy to book and the process and quality are top! If you can't make it, you can watch the recording or replay it.
Both the live and video courses are worth a lot.

The midwife advice is also great, especially if you unfortunately don't have a midwife available on site.


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Frequently asked questions

There are several signs that signal that your baby is ready for complementary feeding. These include increased interest in the parents' food, reaching for food and opening the mouth when you come with the spoon.

Crying or screaming at mealtimes can have a number of causes. Maybe your baby is teething or is a little overstimulated by the many new impressions. Developmental spurts or illnesses can also be the cause. Observe your baby's further behaviour.

Fruit and vegetables are the right choice at the beginning: foods that are easy to hold and have a rather soft consistency in the mouth. It's not difficult to eat, but it stimulates motor skills and interest.

In the Kinderheldin complementary feeding course you will learn everything about an uncomplicated start to complementary feeding.

Yes, our midwife will be happy to answer all your questions about pregnancy, giving birth and co.

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